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Earn rewards while you improve your legal research skills.
We just added MORE end of year prizes. You’re now eligible for a chance to win additional prizes, no matter how many points you’ve earned. Level up your STAR status for a chance at bigger and better prizes!

Bronze Star (<1000 pts)

  • 10 Starbucks Gift Cards valued at $10
  • 5 Amazon Gift Cards valued at $20
  • 1 Door Dash Gift Card valued at $15

Gold Star (1000 pts – 2999 pts)

  • 5 Door Dash Gift Cards valued at $25
  • 5 Amazon Gift Cards valued at $25
  • Beebop Wireless Headphones

Platinum Star (>3000 pts)

  • LexisNexis Hoodie
  • 5 Amazon Gift Cards valued at $50
  • Lululemon Gift Card valued at $100

About the Program

The LexisNexis STAR Rewards program is Canada’s only law student loyalty program. All Canadian law school students are eligible to register, earn points, and win prizes. Throughout the school year you can earn points by completing tasks like conducting research on Lexis Advance Quicklaw, attending product training sessions, answering weekly quizzes and more!
How it works:
  1. Earn points and badges for completing assigned tasks like searches on Lexis Advance Quicklaw. See below for a list of tasks that will earn you points.
  2. View your points balance online at any time. You’ll also find additional challenges and leaderboard information on this portal.
  3. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 points earners at each law school every semester. In addition, all registered students are eligible for monthly contests and prizes.

Get started by logging into Lexis Advance Quicklaw.

Note : Points are updated weekly.


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How to Earn Points

Completing each of the following tasks will earn you points:

End of Year Survey: 250 STAR Rewards Points

Help us continue to improve our products and services offered to you by answering 7 quick questions!
  • Attend a virtual session with a
    LexisNexis Student Associate 500 points
  • Attend a live or virtual training session with a LexisNexis trainer​
    750 points
  • Weekly research challenge
    100 points per quiz

Enter the secret code obtained from Lexis at the session

Enter the secret code obtained from your Lexis trainer at the session

Available Badges:
  • After attending your first training session you will earn the Padawan badge
  • After attending your second training session you will earn the Young Apprentice badge

Check back here weekly for a research challenge quiz

Available Badges:
  • Successfully complete 3 quizzes in a row to earn the Quiz Whiz badge
  • Successfully complete 5 quizzes to earn the Quiz Scholar badge
  • Successfully complete 7 quizzes in a row to earn the Quiz Master badge
  • Successfully complete 10 quizzes to earn the Quiz Superstar badge
  • Complete our legal research certification program
    1000 Points (for successful completion)
  • Tag LexisNexis on social media
    100 points per post
  • Invite friends to join the LexisNexis STAR Rewards Program
    40 points per referral

Complete the LexCanLearn certification to earn the Certified Gold badge

Upload a screenshot when you tag us in a social media post.

Facebook: @LncForStudents

Instagram: @lnc_lawschools

Available Badges:
  • The first time you tag LexisNexis Canada in a social media post you will earn the Social Butterfly badge
  • After three additional tagged posts you will earn the Influencer badge

Send your unique link below to fellow law students and earn points when they sign up

Available Badges:
  • 1st referral will earn you the Pal badge
  • 3rd referral will earn you the Best Bud badge
  • 10th referral will earn you the Pack Leader badge
  • Each login to Lexis Advance Quicklaw
    10 points per sign inLogin to Lexis Advance Quicklaw
  • Each search conducted on Lexis Advance Quicklaw
    1 point per search
  • View Documents on Lexis Advance Quicklaw
    2 points per document
Available Badges:
  • Sign-in to Lexis Advance Quicklaw 20 times in one month to earn the Eager Beaver badge
  • Sign-in to Lexis Advance Quicklaw 50 times in one month to earn the Keener badge
Available Badges:
  • Conduct searches for 3 days to earn the Sleuth badge
  • Conduct searches for 5 consecutive days to earn the Proficient Searcher badge
  • Conduct searches for 10 days to earn the Keen Researcher badge
  • Conduct searches for 25 days to earn the Super Searcher badge
  • Conduct searches for 40 days to earn the Supreme Searcher badge
Available Badges:
  • View 500 documents to earn the Knowledge Sponge badge
  • Register for the STAR Rewards Program
    100 Points (one time only)
  • Secret Codes
    250 points
  • Complete All Tasks
    1000 points

This activity earns you the Participant badge.

Success! You’re all done.

Enter Secret Code

Complete all the tasks by the end of the semester and earn the Grand Champion badge
The following prizes will be awarded at the end of each semester :
  • At the end of the first semester, the top 3 points earners at each law school win a $50 gift card.
  • At the end of the second semester, the top 3 points earners at each law school (cumulated points from first and second semester) will win gifts cards for $300 (first), $200 (second) and $100 (third).
  • Your total points earned will be reflected as Bronze (<1000 pts), Gold (1000 pts – 2999 pts), or Platinum (>3000 pts) Status. At the end of the second semester, each status group will be eligible for additional raffled off prizes.
Completed activities and the points earned for each will be shown below. After you complete an activity, please allow up to 72 hours for the points to be added to your profile. If you do not see your points reflected after 72 hours, please contact us at: STARrewards@lexisnexis.ca

Disclaimer: Leaderboard is not updated in real time.


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Thank you for your participation in the LexisNexis STAR Rewards Program!

We are tallying up the STAR Rewards points and will be announcing the second semester prize winners on May 12, 2021, by way of email and on the STAR Rewards Program Dashboard.
Return here on May 12th to find out if you’re a winner!

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