Earn rewards while you improve your research skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

A.   The following prizes will be awarded at the end of each semester :
  • At the end of the first semester, top 3 points earners at each law school win a $50 gift card
  • At the end of the second semester, the top 3 points earners at each law school will win gifts cards for $300 (first), $200 (second) and $100 (third).
A.   This program has no pre-defined maximum, so please do all your research in Lexis Advance Quicklaw to accumulate as many points as possible. Points will continue to accrue until a winner is declared at the end of the semester.
A.   Your points will carry over from the first to second semesters of the school year. They will reset at the beginning of a new academic year.
A.   Complete all the activities to gain an extra 1,000 points and conduct your legal research on Lexis Advance Quicklaw as often as possible.
A.   Drop us an email at STARrewards@lexisnexis.ca with as much detail as possible. Don’t forget to include your Lexis Advance Quicklaw ID!
A.   Yes! Send an email to training@lexisnexis.ca for a list of upcoming sessions or arrange additional training at your school.
A.   No. This program is for students only.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or feedback about our STAR Rewards program, please email us at: STARrewards@lexisnexis.ca

If you require assistance logging in to Lexis Advance Quicklaw or conducting searches, please contact Customer Care.

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